Why Peer Support

For many years, mental health has been stigmatized by those in our profession as a sign of weakness and this cannot continue! In our line of work, we see the worst of humanity while still having to maintain a balance on the job and with our lives outside of the job. By providing peer support, it is our goal to help our peers maintain that fragile balance. 

As the name implies, our primary goal is a peer- to- peer resource for anyone who suffers a stressful or traumatic event. These events are not limited to on- the- job incidents, and will differ from person to person based on their past experiences as well as time spent in the field.

While everyone identifies the need for peer support

during “The Big One” it is often the “near miss” incidents, stressful events in one’s personal life, or even routine calls that can trigger stress responses which when not addressed, can lead to much longer and more substantial mental health issues. 

We provide a “sounding board” that allows those seeking our assistance to “take back their head

space” and when needed, be directed to more substantial resources such as clinicians, alcohol/ drug rehab, or in-patient therapy. 

It is our goal to assist our peers in defusing these stressful events and/or triggers before additional resources are needed, but are available to

provide a vast array or additional resources as needed.

Any and all meetings with our team members are

always strictly confidential.